Sep 13

Needs Some Fun Plans for Saturday Night??

Don’t fret, folks.  I’ve got you covered!  (I’m always lookin’ out for you!)  :)

My sweet friend, Erin, is throwing an event this weekend to benefit The Walk to End Alzheimer’s, and it’s at The Sound Table’s 2nd space from 7:00 – 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, September 15.  Info below:

Erin created this event based off of her involvement with the Walk last year and in honor of her mother, who is currently battling Alzheimer’s, and all who are affected by this terrible disease.  ALL of the proceeds go to the Alzheimer’s Association.

Now THAT is a lot of Saturday night awesomeness in my book (silent art auction + music from local artists) for only a teeny weeny $5 cover at the door!  And, in my humble opinion, it never hurts to combine your weekend boozing with some serious do-gooding!

Good luck, Erin, I hope it’s an amazing evening!  :)

xx, L

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Jul 09

Mentioned in Jezebel’s July Tweet Elite Section…

ME!  What a fun surprise!!

Have you seen the new issue??  Mr. Roddick graces the cover.

And, here’s my big mention!  :)

I’m SO honored to be included in the Tweet Elite section with so many hardcore Atlanta foodies!  BTW, that drink at Parish is the real deal.  I’m glad it got the recognition it deserves!

Eeeeeeeeeeeek!  So much fun!

xx, L

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May 10

Brunching at Barcelona Wine Bar.

Y’ALL.  If you’re not eating brunch at Barcelona Wine Bar you are seriously missing out.  It’s FANTASTIC!  I really love the restaurant for dinner/drinks already, but I’m head-over-heels now after making it my regular brunch spot.

Why would you wait in line at Highland Bakery or Murphy’s when you could hop on over to BWB?  Their menu is creative + delicious, the brunch isn’t crazy busy (yet), the service is great, and you really can’t beat the atmosphere.  I heart.  I heart.

This is what I ate most recently at BWB brunch with Gorms + Rosh…

Bread Pudding French Toast to share.  TO. DIE. FOR. 


Goat Cheese and Chorizo Crepes with sweet and sour fig jam.

Plancha Omlette with herbed goat cheese and mushrooms.

Fried Egg Sandwich with bacon, manchego, sliced tomato, garlic aioli, and served with grits.  (Didn’t photograph too well, but it was really tasty.  Manchego was excellent on it.)

Here are a few other BWB brunch menu items that made my mouth water: 

Short Rib Hash with crispy potatoes, bell peppers, and two eggs.
Gulf Shrimp and Grits with stone ground grits and chorizo gravy.
Scottish Smoked Salmon with kumato tomatoes, whipped cheese, and pumpernickel toast.

Don’t those sound divine??

Check out more of Barcelona’s brunch menu here: BRUNCH TIMEEEE!

And, I’ll you there next week!!  :)

xx, L

Barcelona Wine Bar
240 N. Highland Avenue

Atlanta, GA  30307

Barcelona Wine Bar on Urbanspoon

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Apr 13

Inman Park Festival is Approaching! (4/27 – 4/29)

One of my FAVORITE festivals of the year is just two weeks away!

The annual Inman Park Festival takes place in one of Atlanta’s oldest + most scenic neighborhoods.  First developed in the late 1800s, Inman Park is home to many historic homes and parks.  The Festival began in the early 1970s as a means to attract attention to gentrification efforts that sought to revitalize the community.  Now celebrating its 41st anniversary, the festival offers something for everybody.  Music, kids activities, a Tour of Homes, a marvelous street parade, an artists’ market + some of the city’s best people-watching!

Check out Inman Park Festival pics below…

Get all your Inman Park Festival information riiiiiiiight HERE!

And, don’t miss our buddy J. Rishel Woodworks’ vendor booth!  He’s going to have some really great stuff.

Just 2 weeks and counting!  :)

(Funnel cake, funnel cake, funnel cake…)

xx, L

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Mar 13

O.M.G. The Walking Dead.

So, I am officially OVER vampires…

adios, cullens!

…and I’m fully on the ZOMBIE TRAIN.  Kev + I have been Netfix-ing The Walking Dead, and I am totally, 100%, completely, helplessly addicted to it!

Are y’all watching?  Are y’all watching?

I think it’s the most addictive show on TV since 24 (only 24 seasons 1 – 3 to be exact), and I. can’t. peel. myself. away.  All zombies all the time.  They are nasty, they eat your brains, and they are AWESOME!  The Walking Dead is filmed in/ takes place in Atlanta (represent y’all), which is just icing on the cake.  The cast is pretty bomb, too.

the walking dead line up

What the heck is The Walking Dead??  Here’s a little wiki info for ya:

The Walking Dead is an American post-apocalyptic television series based on a comic book of the same name.

The series stars Andrew Lincoln as Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Grimes who wakes up after being in a coma to find the world dominated by zombies or “walkers.”  He sets out to find his family and other survivors along the way.  The Walking Dead premiered in 2010 on AMC to wide acclaim, and was nominated for several awards, including the “Best Television Series Drama” at the 68th Golden Globe Awards.  Based on its reception, AMC renewed the series for a second and third season.

This Sunday night is the season 2 finale, sooooooo if I’ve convinced you to start watching it, please start with season 1 on Netfix.  Do not watch Sunday.  It won’t make sense.  But, when you’re all caught up + as addicted as I am, you’ll probably want to check out the weekly viewing party at The Albert in Inman Park.  Info below:

So cool.  Wishing you all happy zombie-watching!  The Walking Dead is where IT’S AT.

xx, L

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