Sep 23

The Man Formerly Known As "Slick"

Being LK or my significant other is not an easy task.  Not only do our men need to be game for packed social schedules – evenings filled with dinners, drinks, events + schmoozing; but also they absolutely have to be social media-friendly

Just ask Greg!  We’re a lot to keep up with…

Slick and I started dating shortly before LK and I created the Q+DD.  He loved the idea and fully supported us…

“hey! what a great idea!”

…until I made it clear to him that we would be using our names and posting an excessive amount of personal photos on it.

"wait - what??"

Slick was in a pickle.  He wanted to be part of the Q+DD, but he didn’t want his every move tracked and posted on the Internets.  Naturally, LK and I (excessive Facebook, Twitter + Foursquare users) had difficulty comprehending Slick’s privacy concerns, but we had to respect his wishes.

After much deliberation, we reached a compromise.  We would use pictures of him, but under the pseudonym: Slick.  He was down with it.

For the past two years + some change, Slick has been a regular on the blog. 

Enjoying fancy meals…

medieval times

Entertaining the locals…

chateau elan

Kissing babies…

Riding dinos…

fernbank museum of natural history

All the time under the clever disguise of “Slick”…

…so that he could support us while also feeling like he maintained some privacy + could keep it professional at work, etc. 


Slick is tired of his alias.  He’s grown weary of people referring to him as “Slick” in public settings.  He’s now fully embraced his social media presence (+ trusts that we are not going to use our blog-writing-powers to humiliate him) and he is ready to let everyone know who he REALLY is!

"i'm ready, world!"

Slick, dear readers, is in fact KEVIN (Kev for short)!

KEVIN.  KEVIN.  KEVIN.  Finally!!

So, there you go.  Thanks for being such a great sport, Kev!

We heart you, babe.  :)

xx, L

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Jun 15

Rev up Father's Day @ Park 75 w/ Harley-Davidson

Looking for something fun to do with Dad to really show him how much he means to you? 

Head to the Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta for a Father’s Day brunch at Park 75 from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 19.

Remind Dad how important he is at Park 75’s Father’s Day brunch, where the normal Sunday brunch menu has been altered to ensure that Dad gets his favorite foods!  There will be a buffet with two carving stations, mashed potatoes, delicious vegetables + tons of Dad’s favorite manly sides.

Father’s Day shifts into fifth gear as Stone Mountain Harley-Davidson in Conyers will be providing four motorcycles for the event just for Dad’s entertainment!  Two motorcycles will be on display at Park 75, and with a valid motorcycle license + proper clothes (long sleeves, long pants + leather shoes), two of the Harley-Davidson motorcycles will be available for a test drive with Stone Mountain Harley-Davidson sales and promotions director Joseph “Guido” Cardillo.

If you think your dad deserves something special this Father’s Day, give him a unique day that he is sure to remember for years to come! 

me @ the harley-davidson convention (don't ask.)

Cost is $65 per person including complimentary valet parking.  For reservations, call 404.253.3840.

Sounds like so much fun!  :)

xx, L

Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta
75 Fourteenth Street
Atlanta, GA  30309

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Jun 02

Adios Thrashers.

I *think* we tried…

…but we lost ‘em.

Enjoy Winnipeg…  Sounds THRILLING there.


Really glad I was able to make it out to a game before they were sold, but very sad to see them go.  I had plans to be a super fan. 

my first + last game...

i was even considering buying THAT.

Poop!  :(

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, please catch up on your sports news here: Atlanta Thrashers to Head to Winnipeg.

Adios, Thrashers, adios.

xx, L

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Apr 05

Aaron Karo Live @ Atlanta Punchline

Y’all, remember this dude?

that guy

He sends weekly e-mails + wrote these books…

If not, here’s a recap, readers:  AARON KARO, THE RUMINATOR-ATOR.

Well, guess what?  He’s on tour + he’s making a stop in the D. Dirty.

(looks like i'm not the only one using a hipstamatic...)

Where?  Atlanta Punchline
When?  Thursday, May 19 @ 8:00 p.m.

This is def. going to be a good time, folks.  :)


Welcome to the A, Mr. Karo. (Unsolicited writing tip for you: Skip on referring to us “Hotlanta.”  Just trust.)  Break a leg!

xx, L

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Mar 01

Rosa Mexicano: What's Old is New Again.

Mexican food is my favorite kind.  I love everything about it – from warm queso with spicy chorizo to a sizzling plate of beef fajitas accompanied by live mariachi music.  (Well, I guess those aren’t so far off from each other…)  I love it all.

embracing mexican culture

I am pretty well-versed with regard to Atlanta’s Mexican cuisine + frequent many local Mex restaurants, but I rarely go to Rosa Mexicano.

When it first opened, I was there all the time guzzling down their signature pomegranate margaritas, but as Atlantic Station started to grow, I lost interest.  The food was consistently good + the drinks were always well-made, don’t get me wrong, I just really got over the initial excitement.

Well, it’s back – big time.  Slick and I went with his family this weekend, who were all in town from JAX.  We hadn’t intended on eating at Rosa Mexicano, but close to dinner time the JAX crew decided to check out our H&M (since they don’t have one) + it just made sense to eat nearby. 

When I think of Rosa, the first thing that comes to mind is their Tableside Guacamole - which out of towners love and is always fun to watch (+ delicious, I might add).  We ordered up some of that to share + went to TOWN.

rosa's tableside guac

For an additional starter, we selected the Flautas de Pollo: three rolled crispy chicken tacos topped with salsa pasilla de Oaxaca, salsa verde, queso fresco + crema.  They were so incredibly delicious, we all wished we’d ordered more!

I was starting to get full + wasn’t in the mood to completely stuff myself, so I opted for Rosa’s Tortilla Soup for my entree: pasilla chile soup with grilled chicken, avocado, shredded cheese, crema + crispy tortilla chips.  Slick was initially pretty disappointed with my uncharacteristically anti-climactic order, but quickly changed his mind when he took a bite.  It’s was SO good!  Whether you order it as your entree or to accompany something a bit more substantial, you are guaranteed to enjoy it!  It’s light (broth based – not cream), but filling, and was seriously YUM.

Everyone else ordered larger entrees which looked + smelled wonderful.  I heard a bunch of forks scraping plates towards the end of the meal…

During dinner, I sipped on a margarita (which they make v. strong), but I must tell you that one of my favorite Mexican drinks is featured on their menu: A Michelada.  You NEED to try it – especially sitting on their patio on a sunny day!  It’s a Mexican beer cocktail with Tecate, fresh lime juice + spices served over ice in a glass with a salted rim.  I was very pleased to see it on their menu.  :)

rosa's michelada

Slick’s family loved the restaurant + commented on how hip they thought the atmosphere was and how excellent the service was that we received.

post-meal pic

While I was leaving the restaurant, I felt a bit remorseful for neglecting it for so long.  The food is exceptional (albeit pricey for Mexican – and I’m not always in the mood for “black tie Mex”) + I always leave very pleased.  I really do like this place!  I’m so glad I rediscovered Rosa, and I definitely plan to be back soon.

For Men: Drinks + appetizers at Rosa followed by a movie at the Regal theatre across the street makes for a great date!

P.S. Don’t forget about Rosa’s super-fun I Rocked the Guac cooking challenge event!  It’s still one of my favorites + Rosa is great to work with for corporate + social events.

xx, L

Rosa Mexicano
245 18th Street NW
Atlanta, GA  30363

Rosa Mexicano on Urbanspoon

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