Oct 02

Lindsay + Kevin…BIG BIG NEWS!

Big news.  HUGE. 

So, as you know, this weekend Lindsay went to DC.

As expected she saw lots of DC friends including

Anjali and Dana

and Sir Soren


What she didn’t know she’d be seeing was:

A ’62 Bentley


AND he put a ring on it!  The proposal happened at the Senate Reflecting Pool

To drinks at Poste Brasserie

To dinner and dessert at Central Michel Richard

It was a picture-perfect night!

Best wishes for an amazing, wonderful, magical, laughter-filled life, Lindsay and Kevin!

I could NOT BE HAPPIER!  You’re perfect and I just love you both.

xx, L

P.S. I am SURE special thanks go to DC residents and extra special friends Anjali and Captain Kurt!

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Sep 30

See You in a Few, DC!

Adios, amigos!  I am heading to DC today for a LONG weekend.

I am really looking forward to some serious girl time with these lovely ladies + blog regulars:

pretty little anjali


dana dana dana

And, I can’t wait to meet THIS handsome man!!  :)

sir soren!

I hope everyone has a great weekend + gets to enjoy the gorgeous Atlanta weather!  See y’all on the flip!

xx, L

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Aug 24

Earthquake Devastation.

Yesterday, a 5.8 magnitude earthquake rocked + shocked the East Coast and was felt all the way from DC up to Toronto. 

Below is my favorite picture of the massive “devastation.”

Be careful out there y’all.  It’s just like The Day After Tomorrow, pretty much…  :)

xx, L

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Mar 05

How to Gain 30 Lbs. in 3 Days

Hang out with the Kastorfs.  It’s as simple as that…

the kastorfs

In an attempt to come to terms with my denial about their recent move from Atlanta, Slick + I visited Kurt + Anjali in the District over the weekend.  When we arrived on Friday evening, we had dinner with them and Slick’s twin brother, Smooth, who lives in the city + co. at Zaytinya


Zaytinya (http://www.zaytinya.com/) is a Mediterranean restaurant in Chinatown that is star chef Jose Andres’ culinary playground.  Andres is a James Beard Award winner, defeated Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America and appeared as a guest judge on Top Chef.  He is often credited for bringing the small plates concept to America.  Needless to say, I was very excited to eat at Zaytinya.  And, it was even better than expected – I strongly recommend this restaurant.

puffed pita bread @ zaytinya - i ate a TON

We had lunch the next day at Ben’s Chili Bowl (http://www.benschilibowl.com).  Ever since Obama dined there a few days before the Inaguration, I’ve been interested in trying the famous chili dogs at this historic restaurant. 

ben's chili bowl

slick @ ben's

slick @ ben's

We ate absolutely wondrous things – chili dogs, chili cheese fries, etc – and we didn’t think twice about it.   :)

chili cheese fries @ ben's

Ben’s Chili Bowl was amazing.  I love its U Street location – not too far away from one of my favorite places to eat at in DC – Marvin (Marvin Gaye’s restaurant). 

More on Marvin’s here: http://www.marvindc.com/.

kurt + slick eating ben's chili half-smokes

very full

Kurt + Anj + Slick cooked dinner on Saturday night.  Obviously, I’m big on going out for meals (research for the blog…), but the way these three cooked – I’d be happy eating at home from here on out! 

food network cameras really should have been there...

Everything was homemade from scratch.  So impressive!!

Caprese Salad garnished w/ Doritos (Slick’s touch):


Vermont Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese Straws:

my favorite part of the meal

Peach Gnocchi in a Champagne and Shallot Sauce:


(Brace yourself for this one) Maple Mascarpone Cheesecake served with Pistachio Ice Cream, Cranberries stewed in Raspberry Ginger Beer, Orange Ginger Reduction, Maple Syrup and garnished with a Walnut Tuille:


I ate sooooooo much, I couldn’t breathe after the meal.  Seriously.  That didn’t stop me, though, from finishing about three bottles of wine w/ Anj over the course of the night…  :)

We ventured out to Co Co. Sala (http://www.cocosala.com/) for brunch on Sunday.  A colleague in DC sang praises about this restaurant after she went for dinner one evening – and ever since has been telling me that I absolutely have to go there when I’m in town. 

barely standing...but ready to eat!

The menu is based around chocolate and the food is creative, well-paired and incredibly artful.  Although we were all pretty hungover from the prior evening, we thought brunch was delicious and satisfying.  I loved the restaurant’s plush decor and appreciated how well thought out each knife, fork, dish and glass was – everything was very detailed. 

beautiful entree @ co co. sala

decadent desserts @ co co. sala

We schmoozed with Co Co. Sala’s general manager after our meal and he told us that the restaurant has a pretty lively dessert + drinks scene – very loungy with house music…  Personally, “house music” wasn’t the greatest selling point for me, but I would definitely go back to Co Co. Sala when I am in DC again to try more of their delicious desserts and see what the evening holds there.  We left the restaurant full + with a parting gift from the GM: CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON!

it wasn't around for long...

Matchbox Vintage Pizza Bistro (http://www.matchboxdc.com/) was the last restaurant I wanted to check off of my list this trip. 

get it? get it?!

Anj + Slick + I grabbed an early dinner there: the 3.6.9. mini-burgers w/ gouda + onion straws and one of their signature pizzas cooked in a wood-fired masonry oven.  Although I thought the pizza was fair at best, Matchbox’s onion straws were enough to bring me back to the Chinatown restaurant as soon as I am in DC again.  I honestly don’t have any other way to accurately describe them than they were just, well, AWESOME!

matchbox's 3.6.9. mini-burgers w/ onion straws

We ate a lot over the three day trip.  But, don’t worry about our health – we did some walking.  In fact, we spent Saturday @ the Department of Justice:

i found a familiar flag!

slick gave an important speech

We saw Julia Child’s Kitchen @ the National Museum of American History:


julia's copper pots

And, we viewed the Hope Diamond + the extensive Mineral Exhibit @ the National Museum of Natural History:

the hope diamond in all its glory

want. those.

Although the trip went by in a blur, I’ll be holding onto the memories we made (ate?) for the next few weeks in my waistline.  Oh well, I enjoyed every bite – and it’s not swimsuit season quite yet… 

miss you guys already!!

Thanks, Anj + Kurt for such a super fun + incredibly delicious trip!

xx, L

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Oct 30

“Spectacular, Spectacular”

Spectacular, Spectacular
No words in the vernacular
Can’t describe this great event
You’ll be dumb with wonderment
Returns are fixed at ten percent
You must agree, that’s excellent
And on top of your fee
You’ll be involved artistically….

- Moulin Rouge
Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge

Last weekend, I had the great honor of being a bridesmaid in my dear friends, Kurt + Anjali’sHindu/ Jewish wedding in DC.  It. was. spectacular.  The weekend was an absolute whirlwind of colorful saris, delicious Indian food, beautiful ceremonies and constant celebration.  Honestly, it’s taken me until now to process it all.  Anjali was the most divine bride and Kurt was pretty darn handsome, too.  They looked so happy all weekend and I had total blast with them and their amazing friends and family from all over the world.  The bride + groom:


Kurt + Anjali

Don’t they look so regal?!  Gorgeous.

On Thursday, we attended Anjali’s henna party.  My henna has only faded a little bit over the past week.  It doesn’t quite match my Halloween costume, but whatev.  This is probably as close as I will ever come to a tattoo – so I am enjoying rocking it while I can!

Anj getting her henna

Anj getting her henna

Shibani's hands

Shibani's hands

Friday held two Hindu ceremonies: Grah Shanti and Mosalu

Grah Shanti: Religious ceremony when Anjali’s parents pray for cosmic harmony – all the stars and planets to be aligned properly –  so that Kurt + Anj’s marriage will proceed without cosmic disruption.

Grah Shanti

Grah Shanti

 Mosalu:  Family presents Anjali with her wedding jewels.  (This was my favorite part!)

Dancing in the streets!

Dancing in the streets!



Although it was a little difficult to closely follow what was happening at all times, Friday was an incredibly interesting and beautiful day to witness.

On Friday evening, we had a rehearsal for the Jewish wedding and a rehearsal dinner at a delicious Mediterranean restaurant on U Street called Tabaq Bistro: http://www.tabaqdc.com/(I could hardly believe that I was still standing by this point.)  But, it wasn’t over yet!!  Early Saturday morning, we arrived at Anjali’s house and started getting ready for the Hindu Ceremony at Mellon Auditorium: http://www.mellonauditorium.com/.  Mellon is one of the most beautiful venues I’ve ever seen.  I wish we had someting like it in Atlanta.

Saris! Saris! Saris!

Saris! Saris! Saris!

The Hindu ceremony was AMAZING.  Kurt arrived via horse!  (Yes, HORSE!)

Kurt + Horse

Kurt + Horse

Hindu Ceremony

Hindu Ceremony

The Hindu ceremony was approximately an hour long, followed by a very fast wardrobe change to prepare for the Jewish ceremony.  The guests cocktail hour-ed and then everyone reconvened in the Main Hall.  The Jewish ceremony was just as beautiful at the Hindu one!  Look: 

Me + The Lovely Bride

Me + The Lovely Bride

Jewish ceremony

Jewish ceremony



Finally, it was time to party!  We had such a blast…and I totally ate my weight in Indian food! 

Mellon Auditorium

Mellon Auditorium



Mazel tov, Kurt + Anjali!  It was a truly unforgettable weekend.  I am so happy for y’all!! 

xx, L

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