Aug 18

I’m Lovin’ It!

(Hope Mickie D’s doesn’t lawyer me for borrowing their slogan for my lil’ post…  I’m v. nice + I love your $1 ice cream.  I do!)

So, y’all, work is busy for me right now – but I still have a lot to tell you.  Particularly about a few things I’ve been lovin’ lately…

1- Shorty’s Short Van.  Shorty’s – one of my favorite pizza joints in Atlanta - has a new marketing mobile.  Love!

Shorty's short van

2- The Life Is A Runway Blog.  The amazing Mrs. Jessica Liszt, shares her impeccible style with us daily in her new fashion blog.  I’ve been constantly reading it, and admittedly I’m not a biggest blog reader…  Check it out – you’ll love her stylish tidbits:

mrs. lizst, fashion blogger extraordinare

3- Giant Bears for Sale @ Costco.  I went to Costco for my first time ever (“Hi, my name is Lindsay, and I’m a Sam’s Club member) on Saturday and fell in love.  Just saying… 

love at first sight

4- Little Kids in Jeggings…  Cari celebrated her big 3-0 over the weekend.  Happy birthday, CB!  We partied at the birthday girl’s diggs w/ a bouncy castle + all.  Please witness this awesomeness:


My favorite part, however, was meeting her mini-fashionista niece who was sporting tiny tot jeggings.  The cutest!  Q+DD trivia: Our trend alert about “jeggings” is our second most viewed post next to the one about “SHARK WEEK!”

so freaking adorable, i can't stand it.

5- My new Stella & Dot earrings.  Aren’t these gorgeous?  They are the Deco Drop earrings from Stella & Dot’s Fall/Winter collection.  Very glam for only $39.  BTW: My friend, Meagan, who just hosted a super-fun S&D trunk show at my place would be more than happy to be your rep:  :)

stella & dot deco drop earrings

love their fall/winter collection...

6- Zooey Deschanel.  I just kind of want to be her.  I re-watched 500 Days of Summer over the weekend and fell in love with her all over again.  Plus, I love that she was in Elf  and rocks out in the very rad indie band, She & Him. 

she & him

7- These shoes!  Going out to buy them this afternoon.  Thanks, DSW, for the nifty $10 off coupon I received in the mail yesterday and I fully plan to cash in today.  Just thanks.

you're MINE!

That’s about all for now…  :)

xx, L

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May 26


Every morning before work, I eat a cup of Publix fat free light yogurt w/ a sprinkle of almonds.  On the suggestion of Loren (not Lauren), I recently switched to Greek yogurt.  Have y’all tried it yet?  I’m totally sold!  How did I not know about this before?!

Greek yogurt is much thicker and creamier than regular yogurt. The reason for its thickness is that in the process of making it they strain and boil away excess liquid, leaving behind a yogurt that is thicker and higher in protein.  I’ve tried Trader Joe’s and Yoplait’s Greek yogurt, but I like Chobani’s the best.

Visit Chobani’s website to see all of their flavors (the fruit on the bottom blueberry flavor is my personal favorite)! :)

Here’s the Q+DD on Greek yogurt:

– Twice the protein of regular yogurt
– No fat. No cholesterol.
– All natural: no artificial flavors or preservatives
– No synthetic growth hormones
Includes 3 types of probiotics
– Kosher certified
– Gluten free
– Safe for people with soy, corn and nut allergies
– Vegetarian friendly: made without gelatin
– Only 20 carbs and 140 calories

Yum!  I like Greek yogurt for breakfast, but it would also be excellent for a healthy dessert.  Pick some up at your local Publix or Kroger ASAP!

xx, L

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May 13

Top of the Muffin to You!

You guys. My new office? Is right next to my Club!

You know…Costco?

And I thought I’d miss downtown…psssht!

(Ok, I do miss you, downtown. Call me!)

Anyway.  Amazing discovery #12093815 at Costco since I started working up there in the last 2 months? They sell these babies in a 12-pack: If you aren’t familiar with Vitatops (you must not have been a Weight-Watchers obsessed Phi girl at Texas circa 2001…) let me educate you…

Hence the name, they’re just the tops of muffins…which we learned from Seinfeld is the most delicious part of a muffin.

Who eats the stumps?

Additionally, they have no preservatives or artificial ingredients of any kind, only 100 calories, 6g of fiber, 3g of protein; 8g of whole grains, and only 1.5g of unsaturated fat per 2 oz serving!

Here are the official stats:
For more info visit www.vitalicious.combut what more do you need to know? See you at the Club and …

Top of the Muffin To You!

xx, L

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