Jan 17

Happy Birthday, LINDSAY!


Hope your day is full of chocolate, bacon, and happy hours and hope that this year is the BEST ONE YET!

Happy birthday, gorgeous!

xx, L

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Oct 29

Mixing It Up @ Yum Bunzzzzzzzz.

Kevin and I didn’t have much time to grab dinner, but we also didn’t feel like defaulting to any of our usual haunts.  I took to Urbanspoon + decided we were going to try Yum Bunz(What a great name, btw.)  We drove to the Westside and prepared our palates for some dim sum.


We placed our orders at the counter and learned Chinese while we waited for our meal.  :)


Kev ordered the Thai green curry bowl and selected chicken and quinoa as its major components. He wasn’t a huge fan of the bowl, but that had nothing to do with Yum Bunz and everything to do with Kevin opting for quinoa instead of rice.  I tried it and definitely thought it was tasty, but I would have opted for the jasmine rice instead of the quinoa –  which didn’t mix well with the curry in our opinions.  Although, I like the option to create your own bowl or order dumplings if you aren’t in the mood for steamed bao (bunzzzzz).


I was, however, in the mood for bunz!  At a mere $1.59 each + less than 180 calories per bun, I figured I could try a few.  Yum Bunz also serves wine and beer, so naturally we had to partake in that, too.


I tried the yellow curry chicken, Mongolian BBQ (my fav.), and chicken teriyaki bunz (pictured below), and I thought they were excellent!  Way better than the ones I sometimes defrost at home from Trader Joe’s.  I also devoured the chocolate dessert bun.  It’s super simple, but I recommend capping off your meal with it.


Check out the full Yum Bunz menu HERE They also cater to vegetarian and gluten-free dim sum lovers, as well as folks who like their dim sum spicy hot.  Mix up your routine with some fast dim sum at Yum Bunz!

xx, L


Yum Bunz
935 Marietta St NW
Atlanta, GA  30318

Yum Bunz on Urbanspoon

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Aug 08

These are the Devil.

I’m serious.


Don’t even DARE to try Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Marshmallows unless you want to go straight to the dark side.  They’ve pretty much stripped me of all self-control and are all I can think about today.  (You’ve been warned.)

xx, L

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Jul 03

A Post about Fudge.

So yeah, this stuff is legit.  Atlanta’s own Sweet Surrender Fudge Fixx.

I bought that little guy the other day at Roost Gifts & Decor in the Toco Hills Shopping Center.  It was the best decision I made that day.  And it was perfectly portable so I had no trouble finishing it off in my car on the way home.  Sweet Surrender knows how to satisfy a sugar crazing like WHOA.

xx, L

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Jun 25

The Fattest Day of My Life.

A few months ago, I had the extreme pleasure of dining at the Park 75 kitchen table in the Four Seasons Atlanta.  It was a truly incredible culinary experience.  It was also the fattest day of my life.  I think it’s taken me a while to actually write about it because I am still recovering – and in the very best way.

As you’ll read on the Park 75 website, the restaurant invites you to pull up a seat around the kitchen table and dine as if you were a guest in Chef Gerstenecker’s home.  The Kitchen Table experience includes a multi-course, family-style menu served with two glasses of wine per person.  Reservations are required, and no special menu requests are accepted.  $75 per person.  Below are a few snapshots of our evening.

The kitchen table.

Chalkboard menu.

Hot boiled peanuts to start.

Wine in mason jars (my personal favorite way to drink it) and champs.

Crab-stuffed squash blossom.

Spicy tempura tuna rolls (Also, the single worst food photo I’ve ever taken…)

Duck and kale flatbread.

Seafood paella(One of my favorites of the night!)

Pan-seared hake and ratatouille.

Pimento mac and cheese(Park 75 is a mac and cheese expert!)

Wood-grilled rack of lamb.

And the best part of the entire evening: Make your own brownies!

Here’s the step by step…  (My brain actually exploded while eating this.)

I can’t recommend this culinary adventure enough!  It’s an excellent idea for a celebration or to impress a client or food snobby friends.  The kitchen staff is especially friendly, and it’s super fun to watch them prepare these decadent delicacies.  $75 per person is a total steal for all this goodness.  Bring your appetites!

xx, L

Park 75
Four Seasons Atlanta

75 14th Street NW
Atlanta, GA  30309

Park 75 on Urbanspoon

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