Jun 04

My Sweet Tooth is Completely Out of Control…

Just generally.  But also because of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams – Westside Provisions.


I mean, check out these flavors:
Askinosie Dark Milk Chocolate
Bangkok Peanut
Black Coffee
Brambleberry Crisp
Brown Butter Almond Brittle
Dark Chocolate
Goat Cheese w/ Red Cherries
Ndali Estate Vanilla Bean
Pistacho & Honey
Roxbury Road
Salty Caramel (pictured below)
Savannah Buttermint
The Buckeye State (also pictured below)
The Milkiest Chocolate in the World
Whiskey & Pecans
Wildberry Lavender
Yazoo Sue w/ Rosemary Bar Nuts


This place is the really-real deal.  Take a peek into their kitchen HERE.  On top of spectacular ice creams, they also make frozen yogurt, sorbets, and ice cream sandwiches. Jeni’s cookbooks are seriously legit, too – one won a James Beard award.

I’m going to get a cavity here.  But it will be worth it.

xx, L


Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams
1198 Howell Mill Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30318

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams on Urbanspoon

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May 07

Happiness is a Sprinkles Cupcake.

I mean, just LOOK at them.


Divine.  Divine.  Divine!

And what’s better than going to Sprinkles inside Lenox Mall?  Well, visiting their 24 hour ATM, of course!  All cupcakes.  All the time, y’all.  Just look how excited my adorable niece was for her first visit!


Man, I wish I’d invented this…


After visiting The American Girl store (which I actually enjoyed way more than I anticipated), my niece had her heart set on trying a Sprinkles cupcake.  But I couldn’t let her stop at JUST a cupcake, so she listened to her aunt and went for the whole shebang…


Strawberry cupcake with strawberry icing and red velvet ice cream.  That’s my girl!  Maybe not the most complimentary flavors, but at least they are in the same color family?  Whatever the case, she LOVED it and couldn’t stop talking about how cool Sprinkles was and how badly they need to open one in Jacksonville.

If you have a case of the blahs – go to Sprinkles.  If you are having dinner anywhere in Buckhead – skip dessert and get in line for the cupcake ATM.  Whatever it is that brings you there, I highly recommend the red velvet ice cream (pictured below).  I daydream about it.


Happiness is a Sprinkles cupcake, and everyone knows that happy girls are the prettiest girls.  So eat up!

xx, L


Sprinkles Cupcakes and Ice Cream (Lenox Mall)
3393 Peachtree Road NE
Atlanta, Georgia  30326

Sprinkles on Urbanspoon

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Jan 17

Happy Birthday, LINDSAY!


Hope your day is full of chocolate, bacon, and happy hours and hope that this year is the BEST ONE YET!

Happy birthday, gorgeous!

xx, L

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Oct 29

Mixing It Up @ Yum Bunzzzzzzzz.

Kevin and I didn’t have much time to grab dinner, but we also didn’t feel like defaulting to any of our usual haunts.  I took to Urbanspoon + decided we were going to try Yum Bunz(What a great name, btw.)  We drove to the Westside and prepared our palates for some dim sum.


We placed our orders at the counter and learned Chinese while we waited for our meal.  :)


Kev ordered the Thai green curry bowl and selected chicken and quinoa as its major components. He wasn’t a huge fan of the bowl, but that had nothing to do with Yum Bunz and everything to do with Kevin opting for quinoa instead of rice.  I tried it and definitely thought it was tasty, but I would have opted for the jasmine rice instead of the quinoa –  which didn’t mix well with the curry in our opinions.  Although, I like the option to create your own bowl or order dumplings if you aren’t in the mood for steamed bao (bunzzzzz).


I was, however, in the mood for bunz!  At a mere $1.59 each + less than 180 calories per bun, I figured I could try a few.  Yum Bunz also serves wine and beer, so naturally we had to partake in that, too.


I tried the yellow curry chicken, Mongolian BBQ (my fav.), and chicken teriyaki bunz (pictured below), and I thought they were excellent!  Way better than the ones I sometimes defrost at home from Trader Joe’s.  I also devoured the chocolate dessert bun.  It’s super simple, but I recommend capping off your meal with it.


Check out the full Yum Bunz menu HERE They also cater to vegetarian and gluten-free dim sum lovers, as well as folks who like their dim sum spicy hot.  Mix up your routine with some fast dim sum at Yum Bunz!

xx, L


Yum Bunz
935 Marietta St NW
Atlanta, GA  30318

Yum Bunz on Urbanspoon

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Aug 08

These are the Devil.

I’m serious.


Don’t even DARE to try Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Marshmallows unless you want to go straight to the dark side.  They’ve pretty much stripped me of all self-control and are all I can think about today.  (You’ve been warned.)

xx, L

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