May 10

Mark Your Summer Social Calendars.

There’s A LOT going on, folks…

Have you gotten your tickets yet to see the incredible Ms. Britney Spears in action at Philips Arena on July 17??

LK + I went to see BritBrit two years ago and trust me…you do NOT want to miss her show!  (I love the Brit.  In fact, I am not at all ashamed to admit that I have an entire category dedicated to her: Britney Spears on the Q+DD)  :)

Ticket information here:  Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale Tour

Also, don’t forget about funny man Aaron Karo who’s in town next Thursday visiting the Atlanta Punchline!

Ticket information here:  Karo Does Atlanta

AND…have you seen who’s scheduled to play the Chastain Summer Music Series this year?  It’s quite a list!  Click Here to Check Out the Solid Summer Line-Up at Chastain Amphitheatre. 

My picks are…
May 27/28 – James Taylor
June 21 – Dispatch
June 24 – Steve Miller Band
July 8 – Tribute Band: Arrival – The Music of ABBA
August 12 – Bela Fleck + the Flecktones
August 24 – Guster + Jack’s Mannequin

The 2011 Coca-Cola Summer Film Festival movies have also recently been announced!  The series is presented on the biggest screen in Atlanta + kicks off on June 9th with The Social Network

Individual movie tickets are $8 a piece.  $12 additional for the winetasting.  Info on the rest of the shows here: You Haven’t Seen a Movie Until You’ve Seen One at the Fox!

Need another reason to head to the Fox Theatre this summer?  How about to see Joseph + the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat running June 21 – 26!  I’ve gotten my tickets already…have you?

DO NOT miss out on all of this great summer fun.  Get on the ball today + enjoy the shows!

xx, L

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Feb 21

Good Things Come in Threes…

…like this post!

Readers:  Here are three things that I’m seriously loving recently + that you NEED to know about…  No really, you do.

1) Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Primer

While in Ulta the other day, I was on a mission to replace my Smashbox primer.  I love the weightless, silky feel of the Photo Finish clear primer I’ve been using + was planning to just grab another of the same, but was pleasantly surprised to see that Smashbox has pretty extensively extended their primer line to include a whole bunch of options!

Smashbox Primers

I spent a good ten minutes reading the descriptions for each of the new primers + ended up selecting one that could help me cut some of the red out of my skin from years and years of THIS…

What can I say?  As a former Texan whose skin craves those harmful UVs, I’m now trying to correct all of those Saturdays spent at the pool without enough sunblock to protect me from Mr. Sun.  (Please shine down on ME!)  Anyway, I totally appreciate that my primer is dual-functioning + can help keep my makeup from sliding off of my face while also cutting down on the redness in my skin.

It’s also sorta fun that it’s green.  (If you put a bunch on at once, you kind of feel like the Incredible Hulk for a few minutes before it seeps into your pores.  Awesomeness.)  Check it out at Ulta.  Your skin will start to crave it. 

2) David Yurman Eau de Parfum for Women

This little chickadee celebrated her birthday last week.  Happy belated B, Gormsie!

Over the weekend, she had a get together + received a bottle of David Yurman for Women.

Now I know I am no authority on perfume (love you always, BritBrit!), but my taste HAS been evolving with my recent J’adore purchase (look at me in my fancy PANTS!) + I can at least opine on the subject…  DY for Women is abso-freaking-lutely incredible!  It smells like sexy should smell.  I made Slick, who is a bit scent sensitive, smell it + he thought it was very special, too.  Oh Mr. Yurman, I just want everything with your name on it…  Check out David Yurman for Women at Bloomingdales ASAP!

3) Pete Jozwiak

He’s my sister’s dog.  Is he handsome or WHAT?!

I’ve never been a small dog person (although, Olive is an exception), but Sir Pete pretty much stole my heart last week when I was in Houston.  I’m a total Chihuahua lover now!  Oy.  Who knew?

And, you’re welcome.  :)

xx, L

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Dec 28

The Graduate!

As you all know, I’ve been wearing the same perfume for the better part of my twenties: Fantasy by Britney Spears.  In fact, I often brag about it.  People frequently comment on how good it smells, and then giggle when I tell them that it’s actually Britney’s perfume.  Whatevs.  It works for me – and it’s cheap-o so I can drench myself in it. 

NEWS FLASH:  Santa, however, decided that it was time for me to grow up + graduated me to a more “adult-smelling” perfume…  So, I am now in possession of a bottle of J’adore by Dior.

It is kind of amazing.  Seriously, it is.  Even the bottle is like art. 

Smell ya later, Brit Brit…  “I’m. a. big. girl. now!”  :)

xx, L

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Mar 03

Lind$ay + Ke$ha = BFF

I have a pretty huge girl crush on Ke$ha… 

I mean, she’s a bit on the trashy side compared to my other girl crushes – but she’s got some serious attitude and I’m digging it.  Ke$has (pronounced KESH-a) is like a really bad girl version of Katy Perry.  She’s like a highly functioning clone of Britney Spears in her psycho era.  (Love you, Brit!  Glad you’re back to normal.)  She’s had a hard life, too, even living in her car at one point.  Admittedly, Ke$ha need a hair brush + she might be a little crazy….she broke into Prince’s house a few years ago to give him a demo.  But, I guess we all have our moments…  Whatever.  Who am I to judge?  To me, Ke$ha kind of epitomizes the starving artist who moved to L.A. to make it big…but she actually did.  And, she’s way young – only 21 years old.  That in itself is pretty impressive. 

I dig the dollar sign in her name, and for the purpose of this post I’ve adopted it in mine.  Ke$ha refers to her style as “garbage-chic” – Keith Richards is her inspiration – and I have to say, I kind of dig it.  I’d probably never model my personal fashion after hers, but I appreciate her unique look.  I also like the Clockwork Orange inspired make-up she sports around her right eye. 

Her song, “Tik Tok,” is excellent for my elliptical workouts and is always stuck in my head.  According to Billboard, “Tik Tok” is the longest running number one debut single by a female artist since 1977.  Way to go, Ke$ha!  Also, today I saw the music video for “Blah Blah Blah” and it’s as awesome as the song.  A little punk + a little rap + mostly nonsense + lots of attitude.  I like it. 

Although I am positive that Britney will never be replaced in my iPod, I’ve really enjoyed adding this bad girl to my playlists.  Listening to her music helps me to “wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy…” 

xx, Lind$ay

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Sep 05


All of the sudden it was Friday – the night we’ve been waiting for was finally upon us!  L and I went to BRITNEY SPEARS last night at Philips arena and it was (wait for it – wait for it)….INCREDIBLE!  Here’s our night in pictures:

Getting ready for Brit!

Getting ready for Brit!

Let the Countdown Begin

Let the Countdown Begin...

Britney Spears Concert

We've arrived!!

Almost time!!

Almost time...

Master of Ceremonies - Perez Hilton!

Master of Ceremonies - Perez Hilton!

Britney Spears @ Philips Arena

Britney Spears @ Philips Arena

Britney Spears @ Philips Arena


Britney Spears @ Philips Arena

Britney Spears @ Philips Arena



Encore!  Encore!

Encore! Encore! Encore!

Fans as excited as us!

Look - other fans as excited as us!

Concert was mostly female

Overall, Brit's concert-goers were mostly female...

...but there were a few men!

...but there were a few men!

Everyone had a great time!

Everyone had a great time...

Especially us!!

...Especially us!!

Synopsis: We had so much fun at Britney and the show was amazing!  L’s favorite part was all of the media Britney used on stage – and I liked the carnies who performed during her numerous costume changes.  The Princess of Pop lip-synced, but we didn’t feel like it compromised the show at all because the dancing was awesome and she really worked each of the four corners of the stage.  There definitely was not a bad seat in the house.  Brit’s wardrobe was very skimpy and the show was a little oversexed, but I think it’s just part of her appeal.  She’s obviously shed everything that was ever Disney about her – and now, as a mother of two, she can wear bedazzled lingerie on stage and be as fabulous as ever! 

L and I finished off the evening w/ drinks at the swanky W Downtown.  The bar area was about as bumping as the concert, if I do say so myself!

Thanks, Britney, for an awesome show! 

xx, L

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