Apr 02

This is 40?

So, it’s come to my attention that Best Self Magazine is holding a “40 and Fabulous” competition and my buddy (and Flywheel instructor) Jeremy sent me the following in support of his colleague and friend Ann Marie Weeks who has been nominated:

Just wanted to share with you because I thought that was very sweet and supportive and more importantly….. SHE IS 40?  

Either all 4 decades were extremely kind to Ann Marie or Flywheel makes you age backwards.

I am not taking any chances and just booked myself for my next ride.  Trust. 

Go, Ann Marie!

xx, L

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Feb 21

Q+DD Headquarters?


Yep, you read that right.  The Mary Kay HOT PINK MANSION, located in Dallas, TX, is for sale.

This got me thinking… It’s about time the Q+DD had it’s own digs.  Sure, the blog is all about Atlanta, but Lindsay is originally from Dallas and we are both UT grads and both love Texas a lotso it makes PERFECT sense.

The only problem…we need to raise a little capital.  Just $3.3 mil, y’all!  Check out the listing HERE!  

So please, please let us know if you’d like to donate to the Q+DD HOT PINK HEADQUARTERS FUND!

Thanks in advance… y’all can come on over any time! 

xx, L

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Nov 02

Sending a smoke signal

From my rikety old PC while I wait for my Snow Leopard disc from Apple.  Please, dear readers, send some lovely thoughts over here that my Mac makes a speedy recovery. 

I have LOTS of fun things to share with you A-SNAP…. but here’s a little preview of what’s to come:

1. dTox Juice Bar in Midtown 

Everything you need for a juice detox.  Delievered to your door or available for pickup in Midtown!

2. Voli Vodka

Low-Cal vodka in DELISH flavors.

3. Sheets 

the new way to “do” energy with a very colorful marketing campaign.

4. The most amazing dessert in Midtown is available at Abbatoir.  Trust. 

5. A Touch of Purple

the best jewelry cleaner I have ever stolen from my mom’s bathroom.

Details to come…

xx, L

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Aug 01

Show Your Hearts for the Berry Children

Dearest readers,

We know our blog is usually all about the happy, the silly, the posh, the wonderful, fun and funny things in life, but we want to call your attention to a truly heartbreaking story and show you a way in which YOU can help.

If you aren’t familiar with this story already, the Berry family from Houston, Texas was traveling home from an annual family road trip to Colorado on July 3rd and suffered a horrible head-on collision tragically killing parents Joshua and Robin and leaving their three children, Peter (9), Aaron (8) and Willa (6) severely injured. Willa is expected to make a full recovery, but her brothers are both paralyzed below the waist.

These now orphaned children are in CRITICAL need of funds. Not only are their immediate medical bills astronomical, but they will also require ongoing physical therapy and psychological support.

I first became aware of this terrible situation because the children attend the school where my college roommate is employed as a kindergarten teacher, but since then I have seen fundraisers and outreach programs pop up in cities across the nation spearheaded by wonderful people with enormous hearts. I’d strongly encourage you to attend any bake sales, cocktail parties, etc. for this cause.

But if you’re looking for a way in which to send immediate financial help to these children – please check out the following:

1. You can write a check directly and send to:

Joshua and Robin Berry Children’s Trust
Bank of Texas
510 Bering, 5th Floor
Houston, Texas 77057

(For very large donations please email admin@theberrychildren.org)

2. You can donate online by clicking HERE

3. Participate in Show Your Hearts:

Click HERE to donate right now. 

All donations through Show Your Hearts will be made directly to the Joshua and Robin Berry Children’s Trust.

Show Your Hearts was spurred, in part, by Justin Bieber, and has received attention from celebrities such as Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, and the Kardashians among countless others. (Just when I thought I couldn’t love that set any more than I already do.)

Please consider making a donation to this VERY worthy cause and SHOW YOUR HEARTS for the Berry kids.

xx, L + L


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Jul 05

Best of Atlanta: One More Term!

Dearest readers, we would be SO grateful for your vote this year so that we might retain our title as Reader’s Choice for Atlanta’s Best Blog/Bloggers!

(Check it HERE and HERE for last years’ wins and click HERE to access this year’s survey!)

We were SO honored and flattered to have won last year and we hope that our reign has been a good one.

You know what they say…one good turn deserves another and we’re screaming…. one more term! one more term!

we want to grab that net and catch that beautiful butterfly, pals!

Lauren: What do you like better? Wedding Season or The Q+DD?
Lindsay: (raises hand)
Lauren: Miss Roberts?
Lindsay: Yes, um, the answer would be, um, The Q+DD?
Lauren: Bingo.

Please vote for us by clicking here:


Best Local Bloggers:
Lindsay Roberts + Lauren Kraselsky
Best Local Blog: “The Quick + Dirty Dirty” or “Q+DD”

You have to vote for 5 things in order for your ballot to count.
If you need help figuring out what to vote for…please feel free to ask us. We have LOTS of opinions on every category! (What the hey? You could even vote for us for local personalities to follow on Twitter! @LaurenKAtlanta and @LindsayWhat44 that takes care of 3 right there!)

But listen, don’t do it just because we told you to. We want you to make an educated decision before casting your vote. Please review our political platform below to know our stance on ALL the important issues.

As a reminder, L+L are:

Happy hour, excessive use of exclamation points for emphasis, feminism and chivalry, anything from the 1980’s, Mexican food, enormous sunglasses, mussels and muscles, beer-related competitive gaming, Peace on Earth, bubble baths, 3-day weekends, puppies, costume parties, costumes and parties independently, hair products, brunch cocktails, Texas, anything neon, renewable energy, being awesome, human rights, strategic accessorizing, reducing the escalating price of movie tickets, fedoras, mandatory workday nap time, silly moustaches, hot vampires, and your mom.

AGAINST: Alarm clocks, being put on hold, giraffe purses, camping, humidity, cats, children carrying guns, Canada, denim on denim, serious moustaches, Atlantans referring to queso as “cheese dip,” man-sandals, and of course, any sandals worn with socks.

Texting, parking vehicles on Cheshire Bridge, eating club sandwiches when you have NOT been invited to the club (note: we are generally FOR club sandwiches and frilly toothpicks), “free” yoga classes, pirates v. ninjas, belly dancing, and where to go for dinner most nights…

(So basically, if you hate man-sandals and love your mom and being awesome…the choice is clear. VOTE FOR US!)

Oh, and while we’re shamelessly self-promoting, please “Like” us on Facebook by clicking here. Thanks! (if each of you had a “like” button, you better believe we’d click it!)

Thanks…and…we love you. We do.

xx, L + L

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