Dec 15


Spotted in the children’s section @ Bloomingdale’s – Lenox Mall:

the best. ever.

Is that adorable or WHAT?!  Gosh, I wish North Face made a pink onesie in my size…  I’d be all over that.

P.S. Atlanta is freezinggggg!

xx, L

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Aug 02

New(ish) and Noteworthy

I’ve been doing a LOT of eating out lately and not enough writing (or working out for that matter…) I’ve hit up quite a few new (or new to me) restos that are definitely worth mentioning.   In light of the fact that this is a blog and not a novelhere are 2 for now:

Of all the restaurants in Atlanta, Top Flr will always hold a special place in my heart.  I have never had a bad meal or a bad time there…and you’ve just got to love a place like that.

So, as you can imagine, I was very excited to give The Sound Table, Darren Carr’s new restaurant in the Old Fourth Ward, a try.  Bonus: (and I don’t want to name-drop…but I’m-a gonna)  Greg and I enjoyed our meal with supercute and understated-yet-ultrafabulous, the Atlanta editor of Daily Candy (!!!!!) and her hilarious and adorable hubs, Dan.

Here’s the Q+DD on The Sound Table: I absolutely loved it. The concept is “street-to-table”, focusing on the exploding street food trend and like Top Flr, TST is also a small-plates restaurant.  The vibe is laid-back and trendy and the food was, in my opinion, superb.

Dan and I both started with the Pho (pho real!) which came with fun little bowls of condiments: oxtail, bean sprouts, cilantro, and shitake mushrooms (while I gingerly played with these items…Dan happily dumped them all in at once, announcing, “everybody in the pool!)  we each followed it up with the steamed pork belly buns… both dishes were per-fection.

Other memorable dishes on the table included a citrus-y ceviche, a shrimp salad, the chorizo burger (actually, it was 2 chorizo sliders…cute AND delish!) and my favorite, the Arancini. If you’re not familiar with Arancini, they’re basically fried balls of risotto and The Sound Table’s were made with black truffle, pecorino, and roasted garlic.  YUM.

Note: The Sound Table is located on Edgewood at Boulevard and the signage is not great.  In fact, we drove right past it several times before Dan had to come out and wave us in.  FYI: this is what you’re looking for:

juuuuust a little TOO discreet, if ya ask me!

Also, parking is a little bit difficult.  You MIGHT get lucky and get a spot in the lot right next door, otherwise…don’t forget your quarters.

All in all, I give it two freshly manicured thumbs upCan’t wait to go back!

The Sound Table
483 Edgewood Ave. SE
Atlanta, GA 30312
The Sound Table on Urbanspoon


Miller Union opened up late last year, so it definitely falls under the New(ish) category or just plain old New to Me; and though neither La, Dr. Amy or I had ever been, Miller Union somehow seemed like a perfect place to celebrate…and we had a LOT of celebrating to do. Dr. Amy finished residency, had an outrageously gorgeous baby girl, and returned home to Atlanta just as darling La announced her pregnancy!

The 3 of us with "our" new addition...and one on the way!

I know this is a bold statement to make about a restaurant I have merely tried once, but I think that Miller Union could easily become one of my favorite restaurants in the city.

I dig rustic-chic décor and I always love a scene-y bar (and believe me, it was scene-y.)

So immediately upon walking in the door, I had high hopes. From the time we were seated at our enormous wooden farm table, my expectations were met.  First of all, the cocktail menu is amazing.  I tried not one but TWO specialty cocktailsvery unlike me as usually I tend not to stray from vodka or red wine…but they were both outstanding.  First, the Miller Thyme: miller’s gin, lemon, thyme syrup then the Gold Digger: muddled tomatoes, gin, lemon, and ginger-honey syrup

get down girl, go 'head get down

I didn’t have one BITE that wasn’t outstanding.

Every part of this meal was fresh and fabulous.  We started with the grits fritters with country ham (to DIE for) and the simple yet delicious feta snack…

Then, between the 6 of us, we had the rest of the menu pretty well covered.  My favorite dishes were probably the grouper, the NY strip, and the pork loin…

scamp grouper, summer squash, sweet corn, fennel, tomato

grilled pork loin, field peas + tomato salad

but I think the best part of the meal, for me, were the fresh vegetables.  I want a VAT of their succotash to eat at home at my leisure.  If someone could make that happen for me, I’d be forever in your debtThe food just did me right; it actually felt good.

You guys, I LOVED Miller Union. It was a great place for a large, somewhat rowdy group such as ours, but I saw several love-birds there on romantic dates as well.

Great times, GREAT restaurant. I recommend it 100%.

Miller Union
999 Brady Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30318
Miller Union on Urbanspoon

Ok, that’s it for now!  Stay tuned…more to come!

xx, L

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Jul 26

Empire State of Mind

You know my heart belongs to Atlanta and ever since I traded the Big Apple for Georgia Peaches in July of ’05, I’ve never looked back.

However, that didn’t stop me from having the TIME OF MY LIFE this weekend celebrating Randi’s BIRTHDAY!

Happy Birthday, Randela!

If you happen to be making a trip to NYC anytime soon, let me point out a few highlights from my trip:

1.    Soul Cycle – It’s like a dance club and a spin class all rolled into one.  My girls have been RAVING about it forever and now I know why!  It’s an AMAZING workout and we had a BLAST.  If you have the opportunity to try it out, I recommend it 100%.  3 NYC locations: Upper East, Upper West, and Tribeca (even one in the Hamptons!) Visit Soul Cycle for more information and be sure to reserve a bike well ahead of time, there wasn’t a seat to be had!

2.   Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa – Jess and I had massages at the Flagship 5th Avenue Red Door Spa

between 54th and 55th

…complete with complimentary makeup touch ups by Monique…a Sophia Loren lookalike who has been working at the spa since…well…suffice it to say she’s been there a long time and has done a TON of makeup. So when Monique recommended the Flawless Finish Mousse Makeup, who were we to refuse?  SO glad we took her advice, it’s perfect for summer. The makeup comes out light and airy and it doesn’t sit on your skin like most foundations will in hot humid weather.  LOVE.

3.    Blow-Outs at Salon Nouvelle – I hesitate to tell you because I think this is the city’s best kept secret. Amazing hair for a mere $30 at this discreet little salon on 1st Avenue at 61st street.  (212) 813-0736 for an appointment.

(Another option: if you’re closer to Murray Hill…I used to be a blow-out regular at Monhair on 3rd Avenue between 36th and 37th.  I heard today my girl is still there!  Ask for Lolita and tell her Lorena sent you! (212) 447-7744 for an appointment)

4.    Dinner at Lure FishbarIt was love at first bite. Lure is the cutest little seafood restaurant located directly underneath the SoHo Prada store at Mercer and Prince. I chose the miso-glazed salmon over crispy soba noodles and it was to DIE for.  I was able to steal bites of the girls seafood platters, scallops, and various other fish dishes – everything was excellent.  Plus, inside is cute and swank all at the same time…perfect place for our perfect dinner!

Lure Fishbar
(212) 431-7676
142 Mercer St
New York, NY 10012
Lure Fishbar on Urbanspoon

5.    Drinks at Betel in the West VillageLOVED Betel.  This Asian-Fusion resto was a really fun location for post-dinner drinks.   It’s very nondescript (in fact, you could easily miss it!) and understated and with ample bar seating for a small-ish joint, it was the perfect place to accommodate the flood of people who showed up to celebrate Randi’s birth!  The drinks were DELICIOUS – we especially liked the Tart ‘n Tasty – made with lychee juice and ginger (You know how I usually shy away from anything with a kitchy name…but this drink was fantastic and not too sweet!)

(The cutie in the middle is Randy's Mister!)

(212) 352-0460
51 Grove St
New York, NY 10014
Betel on Urbanspoon

6.    Brunch at The Smith – catty-corner from my old East Village Karaoke standby Nevada Smith’sThe Smith really hit the spot for brunch. Mostly, I just loved hanging with 4 of my favorite people over egg white mushroom and fontina omelets and complimentary bloody marys!

The Smith
(212) 420-9800
55 3rd Ave
New York, NY 10003
Smith on Urbanspoon

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to see my girls and the wonderful guys they love…

but I have to say – of all the cute couples I know in The City, my favorite pair is undoubtedly these two:

…Don’t worry, A+E…Aunt LK will be back soon!

xx, L

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Jul 23


"If you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter!"

announcements announcements annooouuunnnceeements!  a terrible way to die a terrible way to die a terrible way to be bored to death a terrible way to die! (Does anyone else still sing that in their head when announcements are made?)

Anyway.  Now that’s out of my system…

1. Lindsay and I will both be out of town this weekend.  Please hold down the fort.

2. Don’t forget about Spiral X-Mas in July this Saturday night at Red Door! Use promo code “kraselskyxmas” for $5 off your ticket! 

3. Also, PLEASE don’t forget to vote for us in Creative Loafing’s “Best Of” Survey.


Being the Best of Atlanta is pretty much our life goal and we can’t do it without you!

Please vote for us by clicking here:

Best Local Bloggers:
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You have to vote for 5 things in order for your ballot to count.

3. While we’re shamelessly self-promoting: Make our day by “Liking” us on Facebook by clicking here!

(I have over 1600 Facebook friends and the Q+DD has just under 200 fans. I’m about to start deleting friends. Kidding!   Sort of.)

4. You’re awesome.

5.  I CAN’T WAIT TO BE IN NYC THIS WEEKEND and stomp around my old stomping ground see all my PEEPS!

Happy BIRTHDAY, Randi!

A+E, Aunt LK's a-coming!

Leaving the peaches behind for a weekend...I’m heading to the BIG APPLE!

xx, L

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Jun 29

Nifty Gifty…Gift Giving Ideas!

Recently, I was a little tardy to the party when buying a wedding gift for a particularly popular couple and while I usually like to stick to the registry when purchasing gifts (and trust me, the bride prefers it as well), theirs was so picked over that all that was left was a few odds and ends at Bed Bath and Beyond!   I could barely piece them together to make a decent gift and…well…that’s not fun.

So I started perusing my favorite gifty sites and I thought I’d share them with you!

1. Someone Spoil Me

This?  Is my go-to.  It’s great.  At, you can shop by price, by recipient, by personality, by occasion, by theme, whatever!  This is always my first stop.

Disclaimer: Lately, some of the gifts have been a little too cutesy for my taste, but it’s always worth a scroll through first.

2. Incidentally, is how I stumbled upon Harvard Sweet Boutique…my FAVORITE cookies by online order.  They are DELICIOUS and the customizable packaging is absolutely precious.  Witness:

However, if you’re giving a sweet-toothed loved one a gift here in town, you really MUST call up Cari at Sugar Sugar.  I swear the chick is part magician.  Her desserts are absolutely amazing and unbelievably creative.  Please see Lindsay’s previous post here, one from dear ol’ FoodieBuddha here and “Like” her on Facebook hereThe girl is a genius.

Sugar Sugar's signature Cupcake Bouquet

3. MoMA Store Online

The Museum of Modern Art Store was my favorite gift spot when I lived in NYC and nothing has changed.  From sleek and original to quirky and fun, MoMA is a good place to peruse when seeking a memorable gift.  I found this beautiful Alessi olive oil pourer for the aforementioned couple: I would LOVE to have this not just for olive oil, but also for dressings, etc, so I figured they would too.  (My barometer for good gift-giving: Am I having a hard time not ordering one for myself?)

4. For Baby: Hip LittlesOr RuffleButt personalized ruffle bloomers and such:

5. Newsflash: They are actually still selling things in stores these days.  So if online shopping isn’t your thing, here in town my favorite gifty places are Fragile in Sandy Springs, Belle Chambre in Buckhead, and Star Provisions on the Westside for wedding/showers and Precious Cargo in Vinings, Izzy Maternity in Buckhead (and Alpharetta), and Dabberdoo in the Highlands for baby/maternity gifts. (Don’t forget there is a Scoutmob available for Dabberdoo through almost the end of July!)

Precious Cargo storefront in Vinings. Say hi to Dana!

Happy gifting!

xx, L

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