Sep 12

Check out Hadley Bear Design on Etsy!

My buddy, Kim, lives in Austin and is the very proud mommy of two (soon to be three!!!) super precious munchkins.  She’s an amazing mommy + her kiddos are always decked out in the most adorable outfits.  I could just die each time she uploads photos to Facebook and I get to see her stylish little ones.  (I should definitely not forget to mention how beyond cool Kim and her husband are, too!  Check out this amazing X-mas card they created last year.  Brace yourselves…)

Ugh.  I just love them.  Okay – focus: Kim recently started an Etsy store to share her handmade creations for babes and tots with the world.  It’s called Hadley Bear Design and you can visit it by clicking HERE!

Currently, she’s featuring some v. serious cuteness including bow ties, reversible belts, ruffle shorts, bows, and car seat handle cover wipe dispensers.  Check it:










Everything is so cute and really well-priced.  Don’t forget to check out Hadley Bear Design on Etsy for the stylish kiddos in your life!

xx, L

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Sep 28

Ghostland Observatory at The Masquerade (10/5)

I had the greatest time this weekend at Music Midtown And, what a gorgeous day for it, too!  The Black Keys were really awesome to see live, and while I could totally pass on Cage the Elephant, Coldplay was well worth the wait.  Really enjoyed them + thought their R.E.M. tribute was special. 

Here’s a recap of my Music Midtown experience: 

the black keys

what's better than one funnel cake??


I have a feeling that Music Midtown is here to stay, people!  :)

In the mood for some more music?  Well, you’re in LUCK.  One of my favorite bands, Austin-based Ghostland Observatory, will be in Atlanta preforming at the Masquerade on Wednesday, October 5!

ghostland observatory

I first saw Ghostland live at Austin City Limits Music Festival (’09) playing with the University of Texas Marching Band for a few songs.  It. was. INCREDIBLE!  Anyway, they are electro-rock-funk-ish or kinda elecro-dance-soul-rock: hard to put into a box, but they have a really great, unique sound + I can guarantee that they put on an awesome live show with lots of lasers and stuff. 

For iTunes research, check out these Ghostland albums: and Robotique MajestiqueCodename: Rondo is their newest, but I like the previous two better.

If that’s not enough to convince you, GO’s lead singer has an impressive set of braids he rocks out on stage.  You’ll def want to check them out… They’re sorta mesmerizing.  (You can kinda see below.)

And, the show is at the Masquerade on North Ave.  Not only have I never been to that venue before, but also I usually drive faster down North when I pass it because it reminds me of a haunted house or something out of a bad episode of Law & Order

the masquerade

However, I just Sherlock Holmes-ed and while the Masquerade looks like a pile of sticks from the street, the venue actually has a lot of history + the inside of it seems fairly reasonable.

the heaven room at the masquerade

Check out Ghostland Observatory on 10/5 – it’s going to be a stellar show.  AND, AND, AND…I’ll be there!  Yeaaaaaaaaaer!  Yep, that just happened.

Tickets Here.

xx, L

The Masquerade
695 North Ave NE
Atlanta, GA  30308

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Aug 15

Right at Home @ Big Tex Cantina.

I’ve said it once.  I’ll say it again.  I love Texas.  I haven’t lived in the Great State for almost seven years, but I frequently visit + I know for a fact that my affinity for anything Texas is one of the first things Slick will reference when he tells people who I haven’t met about me.  Big hair, big cars, big attitude – I’m a big, BIG fan!  I mean, “God (even) blessed it w/ his own hands…”  So, when Slick informed me that the Fox Bros. (Fox Bros. BBQ) were opening a Tex-Mex joint named Big Tex Cantina in Decatur, I was immediately game. 

big tex cantina – decatur

We planned to meet our fellow Fox Bros. BBQ-lovin’ friends, Scott + Elizabeth, to try out Big Tex last week, so I conducted some serious menu research throughout the days leading up to it.  I needed to know what I was getting into, y’all.  On the day of the dinner, Slick successfully talked me out of wearing my cowboy hat.  (So I was excited – sue me!)  Nevertheless, as soon as I stepped into the restaurant, I felt like I was home

Check it:

(currently trying to find this for my condo)

I’m pretty sure that the chandelier was my favorite Texas-inspired decoration, but it’s hard to say for sure…

After oogling the walls for about 15 minutes, we sat down and perused the extensive menu.

Without a second thought, I ordered up a Mexican Martini, which I am sure was inspired from my beloved Trudy’s in Austin.  It wasn’t nearly as good as Trudy’s world-famous MM, but it did the trick.

Elizabeth opted for the Texas Bloody Mary which arrived with an olive + a green bean.  She enjoyed it, but we both agreed that a Bloody Mary is an awkward dinner drink. 

My favorite item we ordered for dinner was a special we all saw on the chalkboard outside of the front door: the Bacon Taquitos.  They were absolutely mouthwateringly good!  No joke.  AMAZING.

Slick, Elizabeth + I all ordered tacos for dinner.  Each of our plates looked similar to Slick’s pictured below.  From left to right:

The Tex Taco: Chopped brisket with a spicy mustard sour cream, BBQ sauce, griddled jalapenos, diced onion + shredded lettuce.  (Very tasty + the house special.)

The Carinta Taco: Chopped pork, griddled jalapenos, diced onion + shredded lettuce.  (It was so incredibly salty, Slick + I couldn’t eat it.  I do not recommend.)

El Guapo Taco: A flour tortilla filled with refried beans, a crispy taco shell with house ground beef, lettuce, cheese + pico de gallo.  (My favorite!  It was like a fancy Cheesy Gordita Crunch from Taco Bell!  And, I’m pretty sure it weighed about three pounds.  Judge me.) 

Scott ordered the enormous Big Tex Chicken Chimichanga: a huge tortilla filled with pulled chicken, pinto beans, pico de gallo + cheese rolled and fried, topped with their signature Texas queso + pico de gallo.  Did I mention how enormous it was??!

It was a feast, to say the least.  (Rhyming!) 

scott + elizabeth

Are they a cute couple or what?!  :)

I can’t say that any of us actually finished our massive meals, but we truly put in some serious effort.  NO room for dessert, although the Red Velvet Cheesecake sounded tempting.  After we settled up with our server, we walked around the restaurant again and discovered a substantial party room in the very back complete with TVs, pool tables + skeeball!  This space is totally ideal for a birthday party or a fun night out with a group!

Big Tex Cantina was very enjoyable.  It’s priced well, the restaurant doesn’t accept reservations but it’s large enough that you wouldn’t have to wait forever, + they’ve done really well with the Texas-themed decor (at least in my book!).  The menu is extensive + I have faith that the restaurant will be successful.  Having the Fox Bros. name behind it, at the very least, means something.  If you are trying to satisfy a random Mexican food craving, I probably wouldn’t recommend making the trek to Decatur to test out Big Tex over heading to Taqueria del Sol.  BUT, if you are into trying out new spots, you love the Great State as much as I do, or you are seriously hungover (get the Chimichanga – trust me.), Big Tex will do the trick. 

YeeHAW, partner!

xx, L

Big Tex Cantina
308 W. Ponce de Leon Ave.
Decatur, GA  30030

Big Tex Cantina on Urbanspoon

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Apr 08

Kendra Scott, I Love You. (Really, I Do.)

Allow me to introduce you to one of my new favorite Texans, Kendra Scott.

She’s an Austin-based jewelry designer + retailer who I’ve recently become obsessed with.  Please see how gorgeous her designs are… 

She specializes in colorful cuff bracelets, cocktail rings, bib necklaces, chandelier earrings + bridal jewelry.

If Kendra sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen her stuff featured in InStyle, Lucky, Real Simple, Allure, People, Martha Stewart Weddings or US Weekly – just to name of few of the publications she’s been in thanks to her celebrity clientele.  (I believe that I’ve also seen her on Gilt Groupe before…)

She has her only retail store on South Congress in Austin, and (fun fact), it was recently voted one of the “Top Ten Places to Work in Central Texas.”  When I was visiting Austin last weekend, I stopped by her boutique with my girlfriends to check it out.

Here’s a peek inside:

It’s a really energizing space + makes you want to spend lots of $$$.  (Go w/ your girls…)

Anyway, one of the coolest things about her store is that there’s a color bar for you to design your very own customized jewelry.  You can also do this online on her website, but I thought it was so much fun to do it live when you could actually hold the various settings + stones up to you.  After much consideration, I selected a pair of teardrop earring settings + iolite quartz stones for my creation.  Within ten minutes, one of the colorists put them together for me + I was able to wear them right out of the store! 

Soooooooo…what do you think?!

my customized earrings

I love them.  :)

If you have a classic solid color dress to wear but you still want to make a statement, check out Kendra Scott Jewelry online.  Her stuff is so amazing - I want it ALL.  (Just another reason to love Texas, if you ask me…)

xx, L

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Mar 31

Austin! Prepare Yourself.

At least twice a year, I hear a rumble in my closet.  When I go to inspect it, I see my cowboy boots all huddled together with bewildered looks on their perfectly-stitched leather faces.  One of them always asks me the same question…”Lindsay, who are we?”  Then I know I’ve been away from Texas for far too long + it’s time to head back immediately

Today, I leave for my bi-annual extended weekend in Austin and my boots are all packed up + ready to go!

Get ready, Texas, I’m a-comin’ HOME! :)

xx, L

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