By Lauren

You guys…it’s ALMOST HERE.

The caterer is making bazillions of tiny grilled cheeses, the band is tuning up, and the World of Coke is getting ready for the BEST PARTY OF THE YEAR! (do you have your tickets?)

(Personally – I want to know what it’s like to mix a cocktail with any Coke product from anywhere around the world!)

It’s been an incredible ride chairing the event this year and I have SO appreciated all the love and support. Particularly from my bloggy buddies:

ATL Events (Thanks, Wendy!)
Chicks In Atlanta (Thanks, Becky!)
Date Night Mag (Thanks, Jaime!)
Buckhead Betty…On a Budget (Thanks, Katherine!)
The Social Butterfly (Thanks, Jaimi!)
Daily Candy
(Thanks, Hess!)
AOL Atlanta’s Best (Thanks again, Hess!)

And check us out on almost every event listing in town: Creative Loafing, 91.9 FM WCLK, Access Atlanta, Atlanta Buzz,, Eventful, Yelp, Buckhead, Zvents,, Atlanta INtown

I’m just ready for the event to GET HERE so we can PARTY!

If you haven’t gotten your tickets already, click HERE for tickets!

If you can’t come, you’re dead to me. No, not really. (Spring weekends are tough!)  I do hope that you’ll consider making a donation, though!

Remember: every single dollar counts. Just $10 will sponsor a child’s 3 meals for the day, $35 will sponsor maintenance of the pool for a day, $75 will feed an entire cabin lunch, $85 sponsors one full day of horseback riding, $250 provides 10 life jackets for the canoeing program, $550 will sponsor an entire week of camp for a child, $1000 will sponsor a shade tree at camp Will-A-Way, and so on….  Whatever your budget, you can make a BIG impact in the life of a very deserving child.

No pressure, of COURSE – but if you would like to - please consider making a donation.  You can view my personal page by clicking here:

Thank you, thank you thank you THANK YOU!

xx, L

P.S. to our loyal and wonderful readers - thanks for bearing with me these last few weeks and months!  Back to normal ASAP after Saturday! (DK is coming in town and I’m taking the day off to have a spa/shopping day on Monday.  I’m sure I’ll have LOTS to tell…)

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  1. Lauren Berger says:

    can’t wait for the big day! i know it’ll be better than ever. and i was so excited to see the camp dance shout-out on daily candy this morning. so cool!

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