Aug 01

Beat the Heat

By Lauren

While shopping for poolside refreshments this weekend, I was the happy recipient of a Random Act of Kindness in the form of a cocktail recommendation and I feel I’d be remiss in my responsibilities to you if I didn’t Pay it Forward.

At Disco Kroger Fresh Fare by Kroger, I made immediate friends with this supercute girl in line ahead of me who was OBVIOUSLY PLU* – she, like myself, had visible bathing suit straps under her sundress and a basket full of trashy gossip magazines, grill-friendly foods and a few bottles of Prosecco. We both recognized this immediately, and, after discussing our respective Bachelorette predictions, she noticed a missing item from my basket...The steps are easy.

1. Pop your Prosecco (or champagne.  I just really like alliteration.)

(or have someone else do the honors. Thanks, Ted!)

2.  Fill your red Solo cup with equal parts vino and Orangina

3. Enjoy!

xx, L

*People Like Us.  Duh.

P.S. The chilled and vodka-soaked gummy worms and bears (per the suggestion of Mrs. Mendes!)were not a bad pooside snack choice either.  Thanks, Greg!

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  1. LK says:

    Correction: as Ms. Terchila pointed out on my facebook wall…equal parts are clearly the wrong proportions. The perfect split = 80/20. Ahh, I don’t cook.

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