By Lindsay

Thank you, Reality TV Gods!  This is the best birthday-month-present I could have asked for…  Tonight is the season 3 premiere of MTV’s Jersey Shore!  Now, I don’t know about you, but I can’t WAIT to find out what my favorite self-proclaimed guidos + guidettes are getting into this time around!

Jersey Shore! I love you.

Especially my little orange princess, Snooki.  (Who, FYI, just released a book called SNOOKI: A Shore Thing.)

Seen two seasons already + need a reason to sit in on #3?  Well, here are five from

1-  See you later, Miami!  The gang is back in Seaside Heights.
2- No more Angelina.  Hooray!

3- A new roommate moves in.  (Snooki’s best friend.)
4- More hookups.
5- LOTS of drama.  Snooki gets arrested for public drunkenness, JWoww and Tom break up, Ronnie and Sammi constantly fight…  This is going to be great.

I’m excited!  In honor of the premiere tonight, I am grabbing pizza at Varasano’s w/ some folks AND I just purchased these bad boys online:

TB Orange Leopard Reva Flats

(I’d fit riiiiight in!)  I’m so ready.  Season 3 – BRING IT!

xx, L

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5 Responses to “”

  1. amy says:

    you are glutton for Tory Burch

  2. Lindsay says:

    i can’t help it, ams. her stuff just speaks to me.

  3. Lauren says:

    Maybe I will watch an episode this season!

    Don’t forget – you can also get Tory Burch Revas at Gus Mayer! :)

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