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So, I’ve been doing a lot of cocktailing lately…and not a lot of writing.   But to make it up to you, here’s the Q+DD on 3 creative ideas for your happy hour(s):

1. Proof and Provision

I love a good ampersand

The basement of the refined and established Georgian Terrace Hotel holds a little surprise: ultra cool restaurant and bar, Proof and Provision.  A stark contrast to the ultra-glam Livingston upstairs, Proof and Provision is dark, cozy, and effortlessly cool. (isn’t it just like an old Southern family to have a quirky family member in their brood?)

I went just before the holidays with one of my favorite little cocktail crews… we nibbled on hardwood smoked almonds with rosemary salt, deviled eggs, and ok – a grilled cheese or two –  while we sipped on hand crafted cocktails:

Next time: “Retox” … all the ingredients of the Master Cleanse – plus tequila.

…and you know, hung out with Ice Cube.

I suggest reading the full story on Witty and Pretty.  (Prepare to belly laugh, Hess is hilarious.)

2. Article 14  I’m not going to lie to you, I have never liked a restaurant in this space, but when the girls suggested it as a kick-start to the weekend a few weeks back, it seemed as good a place as any and I’m so glad I made it in thereMy fingers are crossed for Article 14 – located in the 1180 building on Peachtree at the corner of 14th (behind Tap) it’s upscale and ritzy but relaxed, and the wait staff is precious.

We totally got our nosh and enjoyed a few bevvies – definitely a nice change of pace for this area of town!

3. Cook Hall

So, in the W Buckhead, Market is out, Cook Hall is in.  It’s brand-spanking-new, but the word is already out and the place is relatively small.  We were lucky that Hess scored us a reservation because the joint was on a 20-minute wait on a Thursday night and when it comes to cocktails – my crew prefers instant gratification.  (who doesn’t?)

It’s a buzzy little gastropub and the food is delish!  We especially enjoyed the deviled eggs with blue crab, the meatballs, and the cheese plate (duh)

But we REALLY loved the “cocktail kit” which arms you with Tito’s vodka and everything you need to make your own fancy-pants drink.

Full disclosure: mine ended up tasting like an extremely sweet pineapple and rosemary explosion…but it was super fun to construct.  I have a feeling Hess and Terch were better equipped to make a cocktail. 

(PS I’ll have you know Linds told me hers would likely end up as a cup of vodka with a basil leaf in it…which is frankly the direction I should have taken myself)

However, if you do end up with a masterpiece in a glass, the cocktail kit is equipped with a “little black book” for you to jot down your recipe for future cocktail conquistadors!    (Don’t worry, you won’t find my little gem in there)

That’s all for now!   Feel free to shoot us your new favorite places to spend the hours of 5-9 on Monday – Friday in the comments section…mmmkay?

xx, L

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    OMG! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! It’s all of our places! And such perf recaps! Hesselterchelsky on the town!

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