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So, lately I’ve been attending the “free”* yoga classes held at Lululemon Buckhead on Sundays with our buddy Gorms.  The Q+DD is this: Lulu hosts a new yoga studio each month with the intention of introducing blossoming yogis to different in-town studios.  Gorms and I have taken class from Lime Tree and Tough Love so far and I think I speak for both of us when I say: yoga is not for sissies.

*In case you were wondering, I put “free” in quotes because each trip has cost me a pretty penny in merch.  How am I supposed to quiet my mind with all the amazing clothes surrounding me?

Among some of my latest purchases: the Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf.  I pretty much have not removed it from my body since I acquired it.

(FYI – mine is bubblegum pink and white striped and my Barista at Starbucks last weekend told me the pop of color made her “happy to look at me.”  Just go with it.  I did!)

It comes in all different colors and patterns (I have my eye on the navy and white chevron print right now, in case anyone feels like getting me a pressie.) and apparently there are a zillion ways in which to wear it.

The ever-helpful team at Lululemon Buckhead directed me to the YouTube video which demonstrates several uses.  I will save you the Google search and embed it below. 

For your viewing pleasure:

All great ideas.  HOWEVER: last night, after Exhale Power Flow (and ok, perhaps a glass of vino.  Detox/Retox anyone?) I came up with a few more innovative uses for the scarf.


Lulu, you are welcome as I am pretty sure these ideas are earth-shattering.  FYI: I am available for freelance opportunities and am willing to be paid in clothes.   

xx, L

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  1. Lindsay says:

    I have one of those in grey and white!! Love it and wear it all the time! Enjoy! :)

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