By Lauren

The Q+DD wishes a VERY HAPPY 90th BIRTHDAY to one of our most loyal readers…

Miss Henrietta Jean Meyers Kraselsky!

In honor of each of her decades – I will share 9 things I’ve learned from her over the years. 

9.  In order to stay in tip-top condition, one must have chocolate at every single meal.  Chocolate is also acceptable AS a meal. 

8. You can rock whatever hair color you want for as LONG as you want.

7.  Wear your good jewelry every single day.  Why not enjoy it?

6. Pick a signature scent and stick to it.  Miss Henni has been committed to Estee Lauder’s “Beautiful” for as long as I can remember…

5. Exercise every day.  Or don’t!  Do what you want.

4.  Learn to cook one dish really, really well.  (Hopefully everyone will get sick of it and you can just go out to eat!)

3. It’s a-ok to play Scrabble  It keeps you smart and witty.  (apparently!)

2. The MOST important thing in the world is family.

1. The best-kept beauty secret is living well and surrounding yourself with love.

Happy, HAPPY 90th, Grams.

(Just 10 more years ’till Al Roker wishes you a happy one…hopefully this will do until then.)

I love you so much!



(AKA Your GG)

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