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1.  Brunch with Maura.  I started out at Apres Diem for brunch with adorable, happy little Maura. If someone can think of a better way to kick off a Saturday, I wish they would tell me. I have never spent any time with her when I didn’t leave in a fabulous mood and Saturday was no exception.  Fact. Plus, Apres was doing a lively brunch business!

2. SHOPPING.  After I left Maura, I was in such a good mood that I proceeded to SPEND. ALL. MY. MONEY.  If you are looking for my benjamins, you can find them at the following places: Mitzi and Romano, Paper Source, Barney’s Co-Op and, of course, Nordy’s.

Mitzi + Romano in the Highlands

Mitzi + Romano in the Highlands

3. Super Amazing Chili Cookoff. I found FoodieBuddha (crying in his cocktail over Michigan’s loss…) and we made our way to the Atlanta Brewing Company for the 3rd Annual Liberty Park Chili Society Cookoff hosted by Jimmy who writes the blog Eat It Atlanta.

(Sidebar: Y’all.  I have blog friends now.  !!!!.)

The scene at Atlanta Brewing Company

The scene at Atlanta Brewing Company

It. Was. Awesome. There were a GRILLION different kinds of chili.  Traditional chilis, creative chilis, superspicy chilis, chocolate-based (mole) chiles, chilis with all kinds of fabulous toppings (hello, pimento cheese on chili!) chilis with various proteins: beef, chicken, turkey, venison, bison, bean (vegetarian)….I mean…I was on chili overload.  CIMG1025The best part for me, though, was the shameless lobbying that each charismatic chili chef was doing for their own chili.  Loved it. I think it was safe to say that equal parts moxie and chili were served that evening.  The Buddha felt like personality weighed heavily on the way he would cast his vote and I had to agree.  Eventually all votes were cast…


brilliant. I straight up stole this picture from Eat It, Atlanta.

And tallied…

(counting ballots)

(counting ballots)

The ultimate winner was, as I predicted, Cowboy Hat Chili. Dude had on a cowboy hat and reminded voters of his moniker as he doled out ladlefuls.  Sage advice from the musical Gypsy, “you gotta get a gimmick if you want to get ahead…”

"Don't forget Cowboy Hat, y'hear?"

"Don't forget Cowboy Hat, y'hear?"

Jimmy + friends raised a chunk of change for Project Open Hand and everyone seemed to have a blast…I know we did!

My new chili friends.  Hi!

My new chili friends. Hi!

4. Post-Chili Beverages. The Buddha and I decided to wash down our chili with a few drinks at the Bookhouse on Ponce.  CIMG1064Y’all: I adore this bar. It’s low key and cozy and funky and just a perfect little place to hang out.  We were, of course, NOT eating, but the menu looked pretty darn good.  Gastro-pubby.  You know.

I ordered a flight of delicious beer, mostly selections from the specials menu:CIMG1079

hand-crafted beer thingy

hand-crafted beer thingy

and FB got a super-manly Cape Cod:

The umbrella was a nice touch, thanks!

Our adorable server. The umbrella was a nice touch, thanks!

Fab fab fab.  Thanks for taking me, FoodieBuddha! Even though you make me take pictures by myself, you’re a riot and you show me great places, so I forgive you.

The BookHouse Pub
(404) 254-1176
Ponce de Leon Place
Atlanta, GA 30306

The Bookhouse Pub on Urbanspoon

5. Face-time with 4 Gorgeous Faces. Bonus!  On my way home, I popped over to Eclipse di Luna to say a quick hello to these lovely ladies…

My friends are cu-u-u-u-ute!

My friends are cu-u-u-u-ute!

…before they danced the night away at the newly-opened Gold Room on Piedmont.

It was a fabulous little Saturday…have I mentioned I love this city?

xx, L

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  1. Aaron says:

    I’m very disappointed by the lack of mention on your writeup, and the lack of picture that you made me model for. Very disappointed.

  2. Lauren says:

    Oh Aaron. I was merely thinking of a way in which to make an entire blog posting about you + your skill with a bullhorn. I sent the picture off to a portrait artist. Stay tuned.

  3. Maura says:

    Had so much fun! Can’t wait to go on our Mexican Tour! Ole!

  4. Maura says:

    and smooches!

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