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Less than 24 hours ago…

…I was here. And here… Gazing at a palm tree paradise and fishing around for shells in the ocean. We didn’t have a care in the world.  We left our shoes here… And relaxed by the beautiful beach to catch some rays … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Saturday Was Awesome:

1.  Brunch with Maura.  I started out at Apres Diem for brunch with adorable, happy little Maura. If someone can think of a better way to kick off a Saturday, I wish they would tell me. I have never spent … Continue reading

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I want to go to there.

Christine just alerted us to the seemingly newest venture from the Fur Bus folks… a party website called A Social Mess (dot com.) From their website: A downright full blasted attempt to mess up the social scene in Atlanta. In … Continue reading

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Turn Your Gold Into Green

When the going gets tough – I get resourceful.  A few months ago, when the economy was at its worst and my wardrobe was looking sad-ish, I decided to get creative about my cash flow.  I’d seen commercials about selling … Continue reading

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More Fabulousness from Fabulous People

Meet Erin (Marcus) Estell. Gorgeous, isn’t she? I met Erin my freshman year of college when we pledged the same sorority. Hailing from Chicago, IL, her adorable mid-western accent earned her the nickname “Pahms” as she would tell us about … Continue reading

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