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So, if I were going to make a list of things that I would A) love to have but B) cannot (yet?) afford, having a professional chef and decorator would rank JUST below having a professional hairstylist move in and blowdry my hair on the daily. (I’m looking at you, HL.)  

Enter Taste by Sam, a new catering, design and event company by my friend Samantha Deitch that is bound and determined to show you that you don’t need to spend the big bucks to enjoy a taste of the good life. 

Sam does it all.  Catering.  Personal Chef-ing.  Organization.  Home Décor.  You name it?  Sam is on the job.  She’s just amazing. 

The next Martha Stewart?

Here’s the Q+DD on Sam:  After studying at the New York School of Interior Design in Manhattan, Samantha then went on to work for top designers in NYC and in Atlanta.  She has an immaculate sense of style and a great eye for putting together paint colors, furniture, and choosing artwork. The best part?  She’s geared specifically to a young professional crowd who like nice things but um, haven’t quite won the lottery…yet.  (I don’t know about you, but the phrase “champagne taste on a beer budget” sounds all too familiar to me.)  She’s also a self-taught chef with an outstanding talent for delivering fresh, smart, delicious menus.  Both Lindsay and I had her cater our bridal suites on our wedding day and not only did she deliver…but she DELIVERED.

Check out the menu she put together for me:

  • Assorted vegetable crudités with lemon-basil hummus and buttermilk-herb dressing
  • Shredded chicken salad with walnuts and golden raisins, whole grain toast points and lettuce cups for serving
  • Turkey, brie, romaine, tomato and honey mustard on Cibatta (this was a huge hit)
  • Penne pasta, sundried tomatoes, baby mozzarella, arugula
  • Grilled zucchini ribbons and baby greens with toasted hazelnuts, crumbled feta, and red wine lemon vinegarette
  • Roasted eggplant slices with balsamic reduction, goat cheese and pine nuts
  • Seasonal fresh fruit skewers
  • S’mores cookies 

Everything was outstanding.   There was literally something for everyone (she really took into account the whole “girl” part of the equation.  Nothing that made us feel gross or bloated and no garlic or onions in sight!)

And sometimes I still think about those s’mores cookies. 

(I miss you, s’mores cookies. Call me?)

So here’s when you need to call Sam:

For the home:

  • Professional décor advice for a room, a condo, or a whole house
  • Organizational needs
  • Home staging

For the kitchen:

  • Small to medium sized catering needs
  • Sending meals to friends (babies, shivahs, surgeries, etc)
  • Pretending like you cooked a homemade meal for your sweetie or family (don’t forget to destroy the evidence.)

Or, if you have a need that’s not quite covered here, give Sam a shout – I bet she’ll try and work something out for you.   

What I’m saying is this:  if she could get my roots straight and my ends bouncy with a round brush and a blowdryer, Sam would pretty much be the trifecta of luxury by my standards. 

But 2 of the 3 ain’t bad…

xx, L

Taste by Sam
Facebook: Click HERE.  (go ahead, “like” her.  I dare you)

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