Dec 19


By Lauren

Ashley Hesseltine has changed my life. 


If you aren’t reading Hesseltime you should start… immediately.  It’s basically a wealth of information.  For example, you can learn all about the menagerie of towel animals available on a cruise ship, how to properly interview a celebrity, or how to get over being dumped plus hear all about the latest and greatest going on in the life of Hess.

Aaaannyway… I saw Miss Hess recently and I have to tell you – homegirl is looking GOOD and she’s crediting a single substance to a chunk of this hotness:


Ok here’s the Q+DD on Chuice:  It’s a juice that you chew.  (Hence the name) and since it’s raw food, it can be used both to cleanse and as a meal replacement.  Made fresh daily by a company called Taste of Earth right here in Atlanta, Chuice is a blend of more than 45 fruits, veggies, herbs, nuts and seeds.  Apparently it has a lot of protelytic and fibrinolytic enzymes which aid both the digestive and immune system and 11g of fiber in each serving which is HUGE for pulling waste and toxins out of your body.  They also say the high enzyme content will actually slow the aging process!   Sign me up. 

Obviously I jumped right on this bandwagon and I am a BELIEVERHere’s what you need to know: it is delicious…it is filling…it makes me feel GREATbut it does NOT look very appetizing. 

Sorry I ripped off your photo, Hess.

Greg won’t even try it.  (When we went to Highland Bakery to pick up my supply yesterday, he remarked that he feels like it’s not juice you chew, its soup you drink.  Fair.  But I just don’t think “Droup” sounds any more appealing.)

BUT: as I mentioned, I am definitely seeing results.  I think it brightens my complexion, it keeps me VERY satisfied (and it’s mildly sweet, so it curbs my sweet tooth too!) and at 7 WW points/16 oz, it’s definitely helped me take off some lbs.  I get the green kind (a.k.a. “The Forest”) but it also comes in red too – which is heavier on the beet content and very good for your blood and circulation.  For starters, the recommendation is to drink 20oz during the first half of your day, and then eat regularly (but ideally healthfully) in the evening.

I usually have about 6-8oz in the morning and depending on my day, I try to replace 1 meal with 16oz of Chuice.  I try to have a bottle in my work fridge for those days when you can’t leave your desk, it’s incredibly convenient.  Here’s the deal, though: each half gallon ($25) is only good for 3 days, so you need to make sure you consume it and replenish with fresh Chuice.  (This has NOT been a problem for me.  I drain every last drop)

You can get Chuice at any Highland Bakery location or from Taste of Earth directly.  They also ship!  Email or visit them online at  Be sure to mention that your sales rep was Ashley Hesseltine! 

I think I’m looking younger already…

xx, L

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  1. Linda Diack says:

    Chuice changed my life…after cancer scare and then horrific life threatening surgery I had to completely change my way of eating…Chuice was the answer!

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